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Originally Posted by m3inwaiting
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Woha. I didn't even see that Samsung ad until today. That kind of ad only strengthens my decision not to purchase Samsung branded products. I know that there are Samsung components in products that i own but even if chose to go away from the iPhone i wouldn't buy a Samsung based on that ad alone. Not to mention that they play on the ignorance of their existing and potential customers with the resolution nonsense.

This is as lowly as a campaign ad. That's effing low!!
What is low about comparing its product to a competitor's and pointing out the differences? This is done about every company that advertises.
Many things are "low" about this concept, but...... I do recall my mis-taste for all those anti-PC ads Apple ran continuously a year or two back.

It is never wise to knock the competition, especially to a smart audience. The higher the stakes in the corporate world you go, the less you would find such shenanigans. You should always sell on the merits of your product, period!!!

Myself, I prefer the iPhone, and ordered the new one. The G3S is a nice phone, to each his/her own. I would prefer all companies market their product and sell the car/widget/device on its merits and features, rather than knocking down what the competition can't do in a biased advert.

It is our society though, one needs to look no further than the recent republican and democratic conventions to witness biased untruths spoken by both parties....

Which would you prefer, adverts on benefits and features, or smear tactics misrepresenting the other product? Do you base your buying decision on a biased ad, or do you research and try to make an informed decision?