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GTS vs Avant Garde M310 vs BBS CH-R

The title sums up my question.....I have an '08 Interlagos blue E92 which I bought used which had the 18" style 219 wheel already installed. I have been reading countless threads about wheels on this forum, and have learned TONS! That said, I have narrowed down the 19" wheel choices some, with cost and quality being the most important factors in my decision. There are already numerous threads about the GTS wheel, the quality speaks for itself. I do think the black wheels would look sexy on IB. I would like to run 265/19 and 295/19's on whatever I decide, and it seems like this would be possible with any of my choices. I have read in some threads that the 295 width is pushing it on the GTS wheel, while others seem to think it ok. I suppose it's a matter of opinion, as far as I can tell.
The avant garde m310 wheel is a mystery to me in some ways. Really friggin' cheap, so it makes me question some about quality of the wheel, but they do look good (a friend of mine has them). It also gives you a more aftermarket look which is nice to some extent. I have searched for any definite problems with this brand, but have not been able to find any serious complaints or failures. I do like the concavity of these wheels. I suppose I could get these in gunmetal or black as well. But man, they are soooo cheap (relatively speaking for wheels), it kinda makes me nervous!!
The BBS Ch-R wheels are good looking, but dont appear to be quite as concave as the avant garde or GTS wheels. Perhaps it's just the angle from which the photos were taken. Quality is obviously excellent. Thinking about going with the "dolphin gray" or titanium type finish in this wheel.
I suppose I'm really torn over gunmetal/titanium type finish vs black wheels on whatever wheel I decide to go with. All of the choices are quite similar, and ultimately Ill make a decision by the end of the month, but I thought I'd float my dilemma out there...Thanks for reading.