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Originally Posted by Majdnoon View Post
Wow, guess I just fell in love with the Dodge then, you guys seem to find like no redeeming feature vs the M3. I will test drive an M3, though, probably get one too. Better quality, ride, handling, more luxurious, etc. And it doesn't come with a tranny made from the toenail clippings of an old E-Class.... but you gotta admit, that HEMI has quite the appeal. I heard it once and I was hooked on it, lol.
E9x's V8 is heavenly... especially with the right exhaust or even an OEM exhaust Mod. I wouldn't even put these two cars in the same comparison chart. You'll see what we all mean when you test drive the M3... I don't think it compares to any American car in its class.

Anyway Post a follow up when you do test drive one. Bet you'll forget the charger even exists