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Originally Posted by jeremyr4 View Post
In all fairness, I am still in the break-in period but I don't think the experience is going to change that much...
If you think the engine comes alive around 2.5K RPM, just wait until you can go way past 5K and can drive in a way that you never dip below 4K. You're in for a treat....

Originally Posted by jeremyr4 View Post
Need to drive it in Sport or Sport Plus for a really engaging drive - When I first test drove the E93 I feel like it wasn't very engaging at all. The great thing about using Sport Plus is that the throttle is so sensitive that you're up into the 2500+ range in no time, which is where this car really likes to be. Because it's not that engaging in Normal power mode, I always drive it in Sport Plus (or at least mostly) and that really changes the character of the car. Some have also said they think it's a little louder in Sport Plus and I agree...
Sport Plus does absolutely nothing about the noise of the car. The actual throttle is open wider for a given amount of pedal input on Sport Plus, which can make the engine louder, but the maximum loudness doesn't change. Anything besides that would be entirely in your head. Maybe your friend was thinking of the F10 M5, where Sport Plus increases the volume of the engine noises played through the stereo?

To your larger point though, I find Sport Plus almost undrivable. Sport is my setting of choice for casual driving because you're right that the car feels more engaging even when you're driving lazily that way, and that's nice in casual settings. But as I've gotten better on the track I've realized that Normal is the proper setting for real driving, and I now use that both on-track and for fun driving on back roads. A linear, more precise throttle is far more important to being smooth (and thus fast) than a punchy throttle. It took me a year to figure that out, but now that I have, Sport doesn't feel right to me when I'm really out to drive, and Normal feels sublime. There's something magic about the engine revs creeping just a bit higher as you move your foot just a bit deeper through a turn, which is what makes Normal actually feel MORE engaging to me in that context, whereas Sport just doesn't allow that level of refined control. I'm guessing you haven't been to the track before?

I'd recommend trying Normal on spirited driving consistently for a while. Just train yourself to have a slightly heavier foot in those contexts and you should eradicate the sluggishness you see but retain precision control. Of course being past the break-in when you'll be able to drive without ever being anywhere near those low RPMs would make Normal's sluggishness a non-issue too....

Originally Posted by jeremyr4 View Post
Brakes. Speaking of heavier and bigger, the braking distance seems to be noticeably longer in the E93, I'm guessing due to the increased weight. I really liked the brakes on the E46 - they were very impressive. Hopefully my E93 brakes will "break-in" and improve over time.
Your observed difference in stopping distance has absolutely nothing to do with brakes. The limiting factor on stopping distance until your brakes are completely overheated is TIRES! If they lose grip and thus the wheels lock up, then ABS has to kick in, which reduces maximum braking force since the brakes keep having to disengage and re-engage. If you want to reduce stopping distance, you need larger and/or stickier tires that can maintain grip under heavier loads, which prevents wheel lockup and thus prevents ABS intervention, instead allowing your pads to continue gripping the rotors. Pilot Super Sports should be a solid improvement over your current Contis.

That said, yes the brakes can be a weak point of the car, but because they overheat relatively easily on the track. That's solved with upgrading the stock pads, and you'll also want to have upgraded the fluid by then -- but that also has nothing to do with what you've observed.

Congrats on your purchase though, enjoy the car!
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