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Originally Posted by ///M3AN View Post
This sounds weird to me... If he was trying to do you a favor, why didn't he just tell you to slow down and not give you a ticket? From the cops I know around here, it is always "officers discretion" that extends fairly far up the ladder of offenses.
I agree, that's why I'm pretty confused on the whole situation. After I gave him my license and registration, he was sitting in his car and hit his police horn (or whatever their called) and I looked back and he was motioning me to come back to his car. I got out and went to his passenger side window. My poor girlfriend didn't have a clue as to what was going on. He starts telling me about his 1985 Porsche 911 and that he wants to get a newer one when he retires. We talked for like 10 minutes as he wrote the ticket, which I thought he'd at least be reducing the speed in case he hadn't retired yet. Seemed like he just wanted to kill some time while writing the ticket meanwhile my girlfriend is in the car worrying like hell to what is going on.

If anyone is familiar with the Henry Hudson Parkway (9A), I was going North and the speed limit is 35 MPH. Not sure why it is 35 MPH, but it is what it is. They just paved it and the S curves are tempting as it is a 3 lane highway. I asked him where he was hiding and he laughs and says he can't tell me that, but I would have had to break my neck to see him. Apparently, there's a spot they hide that's up a hill on the right hand side, so be careful.

This is where he was: