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Thanks again everyone, for the wolcomes an compliments!

Originally Posted by ploo View Post
Congrats on your new car! As to being able to restrain yourself from modding, you might as well forget about it. I bet you'll want at least an axle-back exhaust, if not full exhaust system, given your history. The OEM exhaust is just too quiet from within the cabin, IMHO. You get plenty of induction noise but not enough of the sweet exhaust note that people outside of the car get to hear. That being said, if you want to be kinder to your budget, search the forums for the OEM exhaust mod. You could also have any combination of the primary/secondary cats deleted or replaced with HFCs for a meaningful increase in power.

I think the first photo looks like Silverstone II because the white balance is off. Your interior is awesome! It almost makes me want to sell my '09 and order a new one with ZCP and two-tone interior for collecting purposes (I plan on keeping the S65B40 forever). Mineral White is a great color with the OEM ZCP parts.

Enjoy in good health!
You're very right my friend, lol. I originally decided on the OEM exhaust mod but changed my mind when I heard it with aftermarket X-pipes. However, I think I've decided I do not want to remove the primaries and get a tune so I'm most likely going to do the OEM mod (the original perforated pipe replacement one) and I might get the secondary cats replaced with a good high-flo resonator. Other than that, I think a drop-in filer will complete my "engine" mods. I want to keep it relatively stock and under warranty for once but I'm just dying for a little more exhaust note!
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