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Originally Posted by MiamiE93Vert View Post
If the weather is between 85 and 55 without rain the top is down, including this morning. If you are not sure though, look into something else IMO as the weight is a big difference, it is apples to oranges with the E92. This is my 3rd vert and I can't imagine getting anything else. FYI, you can track the vert on some tracks, check in your area. You can track a vert in Florida with the beginner groups of some track days; I have and the car is great on the track, yes heavy, but very tight and confidence inspiring.
  • Top-down almost every single day since March 2012. When it's greater than 92 degrees F, top-up with air conditioning.
  • It is easier to have female passengers in the car that wear short hair. They like riding in the car much more than those with longer hair.
  • Keep a small tube of sunscreen in the car.
  • In Houston (especially this year), I keep a bottle of "Off" mosquito repellent handy. Those little West Nile Virus bloodsuckers love to jump into a top-down car that's running cold air conditioning.
  • Tracking the car: Yes, I've now had it on two track days. The first time was all top-down, and the second time was mixed due to rain. There is seriously noticeable difference with having the top over the center of the car versus having the top retracted and stuffed into the trunk of the car (I haven't seen the % of the added 400 lbs that an E93 adds, but at least a noticeable portion of it includes the components of the roof.) I actually enjoyed tracking it with the top-down a bit more because it gave more weight to the rear tires, even if there was a tiny bit of a tendency for the rear of the car to break free on turns.
  • At the very least, hearing the S65 in top-down mode, at 115 mph, WOT, is fantastic!

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