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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Advanced is a bit scarier as have seen more bad offs in that group than any others. That being said, I love running in advanced. The point by spots (in corners) and level of cars is truly awesome! I love seeing a Porsche Cup car coming up on my ass as I'm making the pass on a vette Back in topic, had a S/C stang blow in front of me at Road America, I'll try and dig up the video. Some scary shit.
What point bys??? At least 2 of the groups I run with have no point bys for advanced, a whole different ball game. Not to mention the TT'ers taking it easy for 4-5 laps, then blasting through for 2 laps and pitting in, or every other driver trying alternate lines and the occasional wanna-be racer divebombing people on turns. A couple of months ago one of the drivers posted a video of his "trying" out a new car and going 4-wheels off on every single session, on the club's official site.

Despite all of this, it's mostly predictable as people in advanced have good situational awareness. Oh yeah and it's fun as hell.