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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
Something to consider that's often overlooked:

Don't get caught up in trying to explain why you want to be a doctor the whole time. Remember you are not applying to become a doctor, you are applying to ATTEND MEDICAL SCHOOL. Having interest and passion for the field of medicine itself is something so many students forget to discuss.

Sure it's great that you want to become a doctor, but you are applying to sit in a class and attend medical school not to sit in a clinic. You want to show them that you damn right want to be sitting in that classroom and you WANT to be learning what is being taught not just because you want to become a doctor, but because you are genuinely interested in the field of medicine.
I agree. I have come to realize that part of the reason to attend medical school (and various parts of the application process touch on this) is to see if you are academically curious. It isn't only about becoming a doctor and helping others, but is also about how interested you really are in the field science, what you plan to contribute to the field of science and medicine, and your passion to not only continue your learning in med school, but continue after when you're a physician. I can't even count how many applications touched base on this "path of lifelong learning", and how you as an applicant have this "appetite" to learn about the field. They want to see if you are genuinely interested in the field not only to do your best in medical school, but as a physician who will continuously be learning throughout his/her career and educate themselves on the latest findings and technologies.

Thinking about this aspect of medicine when I was doing my own research really helped me as a pre-med and during the application process so far. I highly suggest to other pre-meds to start thinking about how this "appetite and interest in learning" applies to you.
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