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Originally Posted by egt135i View Post
Here is some advice from someone who was part of the admissions committee not too long ago:

1) The MCAT is the biggest deciding factor when giving out interviews, and unfortunately, many schools have cutoffs. You want to rock this test, even if it means taking it multiple times. Looks into a review course, I personally liked the princeton review. Take many practice exams before the real deal. You can purchase them and the Princeton review comes with many many previous practice exams.

2) If you haven't taken Organic Chem, make sure you ace this course. It is the biggest predictor of how a medical student will succeed in medical school just because of the nature of material. If there is one course that is looked at in your transcripts, it is o.chem.

3) Prepare for your interviews. There is a book called "The Medical School Interview". Read it, learn it, know it. Know about the school you are interviewing at, and know future plans/advancements/changes in curriculum. Ask intelligent questions and look very interested. Treat every interview as if it is your only interview. And most importantly: be very friendly to everybody including other applicants and secretaries.

4) Every applicant is more than just their MCAT, you want to be the total package. Your Z score is who you are as a person. What kind of life experiences and hobbies you have. How will you contribute to the student body?

PM me with any other personal questions and let me know where you end up applying...
I appreciate the info, ive heard O chem was the hardest class i will have to take so im dedicating a whole summer to nothing but that. At the end of this school year i intend to start my mcat prep, once i learn a little bit more of the information thats going to be on it i should have a better base to build on. I will take a look into purchasing that book, the interview is going to be very important and like anything else, preparedness plays a large part in the end result.

Originally Posted by egt135i View Post
...oh and one more thing: make sure you are doing medical school for all the right reasons.
I have to ask, just due to the semi cryptic nature, what ARE the right reasons? My Grandfather was a very successful doctor when he was practicing and he often speaks to me of the people he knew who got into the field for the wrong reasons and weren't happy or particularly good for it.

Im not getting into the field for money, im walking away from becoming the CEO of a company for this. Im not looking to save everyone's life like some delusional view of being a doctor is. I am however looking to use my talents and skills to do good in life while also doing something personally fulfilling. I feel that this field will do just that in one degree or another. Of course thats my candid opinion on the subject.