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Originally Posted by bbs_lm View Post
i like the double hump and navi, but I do agree that will make the car look more dated in the future...Compare the navi on e46s to e9x's and you will know..
Originally Posted by bruza View Post
Agreed. The 3D rendering for cities is underrated IMO. Crazy to see local landmarks on the screen like that.

Good pt on the non navi option. From the pics I've seen on the non navi versions, just seems like something is missing.
I agree that the car won't look dated because of the nav alone. In the example above, it's not the e46 nav that makes the car look dated, it's the rest of the car.

I actually think the 3D rendering is overrated, but perhaps the locations you drive in have better/more renderings.

Considering the lack of buttons, letterbox and split-screen, car settings and info, perspective view, integration of satellite images, real-time traffic, phone integration, and audio integration with combox I'd actually say iDrive is one of the better units out there, although the nav functions themselves sometimes are irritating and possibly life-threatening (I need to get my maps updated as my last trip to Vegas the nav tried to send me on to a free-way offramp...good times).