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Originally Posted by Carl Lassiter View Post
1. filters included

2. annual included

5. meant to be lifetime fluid, fwiw

6. should've been changed at 1,200.

8. mine always been just above 210

3. should've been checked with each service (or by you), don't over fill it, wrap a cotton wrist sweatband around the cap secured with a Velcro cable-tie

4. easily removed, cleaned, put a film of engine oil on the mating surfaces of the valve cover and the gasket, re-install; if you flip the oil filler cap upside down some oil can run into the cap and then leak out as well, I suggest another cotton wrist sweatband around the the filler neck as insurance

7. it's possible they were claiming "too few miles driven" resulting in excess wear on the battery, some truth to this but it's not like 15k in 3.5 years isn't somewhat decent (I have way less), I don't recall what BMW's "low mileage" threshold is but they should have explained it; BMW parts and installation are expensive, the "programming" refers to letting the car know it has a new battery as it does some form of battery life management of its own

A note on 2. Low annual mileage and engine oil changes are specifically documented by BMW under Service Information Bulletin SI B 01 04 10. Your Service Advisor should know this.

OH, and consider changing dealerships. Which one was this one?
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