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Things BMW doesn't do in the "maintenance included"

My 2009 M3 is three and a half years old now and has 15K miles, always garaged. I have had many wrestling matches with BMW on maintenance.

1) HVAC filters, one dealer said not included so I bought two sets online at $100 a set, then another dealer said they are included.

2) Oil changes, they no longer want to do annual oil changes, only based on mileage now.

3) I am having power steering trouble at low speed, loss of power steering. I checked the power steering fluid level and it isn't even touching the dipstick. Shouldn't they be checking this when I take it in for service. The cap leaks. Now I want them to flush the fluid as I am sure it has overheated from being low and they should extend the warranty on the power steering pump as they didn't do their maintenance.

4) Oil cap is leaking and has for a long time, the washer doesn't seal. Critical to maintain engine vacuum in addition to the black streak on the valve cover.

5) Trans fluid. I have the 7 speed DCT. I can't believe their maintenance guidelines. I think they want to do the least possible during the 4 year maintenance included to keep costs low.

6) Differential oil - never been changed. I see a thread here about clicking. Even if it isn't when the discs have friction you end up with particles in the fluid. If the car is still going to be in good shape in a few more years it should be done.

7) My battery just went out. BMW didn't want to cover it. The dealer told me $350 for the battery and $140 in labor and the battery needed to be programmed to the car. I laughed and told the dealer if they didn't change it for free I would file a complaint. I got a new battery no charge. Really? $490 for a battery?

8) Radiator fluid, checked that today as it has been running just past the 210, granted it has been a hot summer here in LA. That was just a bit low also, bet nobody has ever checked that either.