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Nav & "Hump" Poll

So I am considering ordering my 2013 M3, spec'd exactly as I want it - as I'm growing impatient trying to find a perfect used e92..

I've sat in/driven both versions, with and without nav. I've felt that the "double hump" dash with nav made the environment more cozy feeling, and I felt like the dash was wrapping around me more which I like. At the same time I am a minimalist, and am interested in a minimalistic sports car.

In the non-nav car (I experienced this one first) I felt more bored with the interior, like there was a lot of wasted space in the dash, and I hated that it didn't seem to wrap around me like the e46 dash.

As someone with a career in the field of visual arts I am naturally very obsessed with the way things look and feel. So, what do most people think about this from an aesthetic perspective? Do you prefer the hump? or no hump? I am mostly interested to know if I am the only one who thinks this changes the feeling of the interior dramatically..

Please vote!

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