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I recommend using LED, but only certain manufacturers for color output sake. HID will fail faster than LED any day, if used properly.

People have to understand the difference between Wattage, Color Temperature and Lumen Ouput. Some LED AE retailers claim for a "20-Watt" LED angel eye, you're just asking for trouble. LEDs DO run quite hot, so if you do have a 20-watt LED angel eye alternative, you better have a large enough heat sink for it.

Wattage is just the consumption of power, doesn't necessarily have to do with the color, or the output. Color Temperature is measured in ēKelvin, where the 'lower the number' (3000k) is warmer and the higher the number is cooler (10000k) Think of flames (blue on top, red on bottom.

If you're looking for a 8000k replacement, the LUMEN output is higher than a 6000k replacement, but also you're loosing color rendering, aka your ability to see color.

When looking for LED angel eyes, look for manufacturers that offer "CREE" since CREE is a top brand manufacturer for LED, along with Xicato, Fortimo, Citizen and Samsung.