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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Sheesh...that would be car #4 with 2 licensed drivers! Plus my wife looked kind of pissed when I showed her a miata ad on craigslist and told her I might buy it.

Favor with my wife > miata

I'm already in that situation with my 330 which I can drive to the track. I'm not terribly concerned about the 330 on the track. It might be a relief if I crash it...then I'd stop spending money on it (joke). At this point, I'm fully vested in it. The money I've spend so far is gone, will never recoup it. Even if I take all of the aftermarket parts off, I'd spend so much time and money procuring the OEM parts and reinstalling wouldn't even be worth it. Honestly, the resale would be terrible...123,000 miles with almost 40 hours of track time on it.

With that said, I never go to the track without a backup plan to get home.
I hear you. We're currently at four cars for two licensed drivers and that 2:1 ratio is not lost on my wife. If you can feel like your 330 is a 'track rat,' then it sounds like you're all set unless (until?) you decide to get something dedicated to the track.