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Originally Posted by Parkanzky View Post
As I said, those prices are more than I'm ready to pay to have my car detailed. In case the OP feels the same way, I gave him some alternatives. If you think $460-630 is reasonable for a "light exterior polishing," I don't mind you paying it.

Also, I don't doubt that he's in the business to make money. $65-75/hr is $135-156k/yr. In the midwest, that's a lot of money. For what it's worth, the guy I used worked professionally as a detailer for a few years before he decided to become a "weekend warrior." Also, the guys at Crystal Clean are definitely professionals with nice facilities and they manage to do great work for a lot less.

In summary, go where you want. I just wanted to give the OP an alternative to the very high-end options he was seeing in this thread.
Those numbers are a bit misleading. The business might make that much per year, but I doubt any single detailer does. Factor in the cost of supplies, insurance, gasoline if they are mobile, towels, etc. and it should be obvious that a huge chunk of that goes to overhead. On top of that, in many areas it's a seasonal business so during certain times of the year, you can't count on a 40hr work week. For quality work at the highest level, someone SHOULD be able to make a good living from it, but not close to those numbers you listed.

That being said, there are always options and in the end it is your car and your money. If you find results you are happy with for less, great. Nothing wrong with that at all!