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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone in the caravan and involved with ///MPACT. It was a great drive down and a fun event. The weather was beautiful and the cars and people were even better. I can definitely tell where all the hard work was put in.

To everyone involved in the caravan, I apologize for things getting a little crazy. It seems like some people don't like to read the scheduled times when we were supposed to leave. The times were set specifically so the helicopter was on time to get both caravans coming in. Unforuntately, people started leaving earlier than the scheduled time and we all got a bit split up. I was going to give a "briefing" and tell everyone the deal at 9:30, but everyone got in their cars and left at 9:25. Either way, I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed it.

Oh... and the tunnel. That was awesome.

See you all at ///MPACT 2013!