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Originally Posted by bame_E92 View Post
Eating and drinking healthy before/during the event.
And no more cigars

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
At this point, I think I've gotten to where I want to be at in most aspects of my driving for my short term goal (to have FUN!). I would like to eventually get into wheel to wheel racing later in life when I have more time and resouces available. And the one thing that I would like to improve is my mental endurance beyond the typical 20 minute HPDE sessions.

I find that I can go pretty strong for about 15 minutes. 15-20 minutes I'll be pretty good. 20-25 minutes becomes a challenge. Then after 25 minutes I go into full retard and my ADHD kicks in. At that point I usually come off the track via time grass, sand, and a couple of black flags were involved. The longest I've gone is 33 minutes (that's what she said).

I'm in very good physical condition and can max the army physical fitness test easily. I know how to train physically...I just inflict maximum pain and suffering on myself. Not sure how to or if I want to take that approach with my head. I stay well hydrated with water, so that's not an issue. I know I can improve my nutrition...don't think a trackside burger is great brain food. But do I really want to get caught eating a salad at the track? Not sure I can endure that ridicule.

With all humorous comments aside, what kinds of things have people done to improve their mental endurance on the track?
Honestly, at the rate you are going to the track, it's time for you to get a real race car. Don't get anything fancy, get a SM. We are all taking a lot of financial risks when we put our bimmers on the race track, which at times hinders us from driving truly at the limit. When you don't give a shit about what you drive (i.e. a $10k SM), you become a part of the car. You begin to test the limit at every corner, try different lines, brake later and later...

Regarding better endurance on the track: eating, sleeping, resting, and training right will help. But when you are surrounded by 40 other cars diving and drifting into turn 1 at TWS, you will be wide awake!