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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Congratulations that's awesome! I'm sure you are going to love it.

I just don't want you to expect your car is going to be as fast as M&M's. His car is a huge outlier. He has done a lot of custom work to get to that level. He may be at 650 HP. You will be at or under 550. Don't think you can trap anywhere near where he traps. If I were you, I would expect 116-117. That is very good.

Again, with a 535 kit, + DCT + catless exhaust + meth, LostMarine is at 118 to 119 mph in the heat of the summer at ATCO and should be 120 when it cools down. LostMarine is a pretty good driver and ATCO is a great track.
I told you!

I finally visited the drag strip with my VT1 and no other performance mods except for my Corsa exhaust, this run was my best trap of the day!
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Like I told you before, I expected 118-119mph traps with just the VT1 and that's what I did: one 119 and a lot of 118s so overhall I'm really happy with the kit but not more because of the numbers but mostly for the way my car behaves now, just so much more fun to drive!!

Did I told you not to worry for me!
But for real I really thought 116-117mph was kind of slow for a 550hp M3, but you almost made me doupt!

As for the 125mph trap with a VT1 on a catless DCT, now that I've seen what my car is trapping, if the DCT is really that much faster, it just seems even more plausible!

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