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Originally Posted by DevJ View Post

I haven't been on the forum for several months just because I have been applying/shadowing/volunteering/etc...some solid advice in this thread. Many medical schools really emphasize your MCAT and doing well on those is a good start. A competitive score right now would be at least a 31+. Many people are applying and the standards are going up.

Try and volunteer at a free clinic. This is probably one of the best experiences you can get. You really get to do something rather than follow a doctor around when shadowing. Also, admissions staff really loves this. (So I've heard..from my dad..)

I would also try to do as much community service as you can. The majority of medical schools want a doctor that will give back to society basically..

So to sum up what many others have already said in this thread
1). Rock the MCAT and make sure your gpa is above 3.6
2). Volunteer at free clinics.
3). Community Service
4). GREAT letters of recommendation.
5). If you have a pre-med advisor at your college get into her good graces. Chances are she may be a uploading your letters and maybe even writing your letter of recommendation (committee interview, depending on your school)

Just saw you're from texas..try to do research at the medical school you want to go to. Having ties to the school will really go a long way!

For example, my friend had ~33 and a 3.95 gpa from Oklahoma, did research at UTSW and sure enough he got it. Their avg for out of state is usually a lot higher so it benefitted him greatly..

Good luck! It's a long process. I hope it will be worth it in the end
Interesting to see so many pre-meds and applicants on this board.

I hope you all know what you are getting yourselves into.