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I'd just like to add one thing:

TRY TO HAVE A LIFE. Go out on weekends and live it up. Embrace whatever hobbies that you have. Do not turn into one of the typically lifeless pre-med drones. Work hard/play hard.

Why do I say this?

Well - how many interviews did I have? 7-8. And at how many of them did I talk exclusively about medicine? 0. At one of my best interviews, I found out that my interviewer had a Mustang GT that he tracked frequently; I spent about 20 minutes talking to him about track prep, tracks we had both visited, and amateur karting that I had done in high school. A lot of these interviews are just about figuring out if you have "social skills" and can interact with others on multiple levels. It's going to be hard to nail these sorts of interviews if your head was stuck in a book for the past four years.

Also, medical school BLOWS, with regard to having a life. The first year is not so bad. The second year is significantly worse, especially as you approach Step 1. The third year is HELL. You are going to lose a big portion of the best days of your life sitting in classes and in hospitals. So take advantage of what time you have now, and create some memories and hobbies that you can look back fondly on and return to at some point in the future.