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Originally Posted by dkballer22 View Post
I've been dealing with an annoying rattling sound coming from my left door on my 2012 m3. I recently purchased the car in July and had to take the car to the dealership twice for the problem.

The head foreman said my car has a manufacturer defect on the door which needs to be fixed with some type of machine.

The dealership informed BMW NA and bmw NA refuses to correct the problem. Thus, I started a claim on the car with BMW NA and told them I want out of the car.

I gave BMW NA a chance to come out to the dealership to check out the car. Initially they said they would come out but then the day before they were scheduled to come out, they let me know it's not a major issue and told me to "DEAL WITH IT"

BMW NA is ridiculous, can't believe they would treat repeat customers like this. Whats the point of having a warranty if they aren't going to fix defects on cars?

If they don't do anything, they'll definitely be hearing from my lawyers soon on this issue.
Mine has this too. Just get an exhaust
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Use the stick like u would a manual. If that doesn't work, put it in D mode and put both hands at 10 and 2. If that doesn't work, just sit on your right hand.