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Originally Posted by zimbim View Post
Guys, I love my e92 but may sell it for the new M3. I'd appreciate any feedback from you M guys in regard to the particulars of the M cars. Is it too much car? Is it difficult to upkeep? Any regrets for purchasing an M car? Mine would be a manual tranny. What can I say, I'm feeling the need for speed!
an M is the best car I have ever driven and the most fun. I heard people had more fun with their M on 6 speed manual but I had an SMG tranny and still had a blast. I test drove E55's etc and even though it is a lot faster than an M3 I enjoyed the M3 a lot more...

Every friday I even detailed my car for 3 hours because I had a bond with it myself... if you get an M car that you truly are waiting for and care about, it will become more than just a car...