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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Were you there to just torture Vette's all day? Lol. Glad nothing happened! I think I would have tried to pull off to the left. But I can't tell what was behind you which is the real worry. I think this demonstrates the importance of being aware of who is around (and behind) you. Makes these quick decisions easier.

But, I would never assume anything with advanced drivers. I saw one guy go off and then come back on right after a crest in a hill. A Mustang came hauling ass (~80mph) over it just as he came back on.0 Luckily the mustang turned and locked up the would have been bad. The Mustang also missed a yellow flag though.
Ha! Yep, it was a day of close encounters with Vettes.

I typically run high intermediate, and have done advanced a couple of times. It's hit-or-miss with advanced: I either hold my own without a problem, or end up driving my mirrors, giving constant point-bys to race-prepped Corvettes, GT3s, etc. Just depends on the composition of cars and drivers in that particular event. This event I ran high intermediate.

I would assume that advanced drivers are more disciplined and predictable, but it sounds like you've found it to be the opposite.
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