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Originally Posted by fitchesbass View Post

I was choosing between a Z4MC and a Cayman a couple years back and decided against the Cayman. Primary reason was being at the mercy of porsche for maintenance. Most BMWs or at least the Z4MC I can DIY most things... Cayman.. ugh probably not so much for the weekend warrior type DIYer. We have/built a couple older porsche project cars.. including a mid-engine 914 with a 911 engine... As a 'daily driver' type car the Cayman seems like a bad proposition - though people do it.

Someone folks just like getting pcars for the sake of saying they have a pcar. That's cool but don't fool yourself into thinking it's going to be like a 335i in terms of comfort, practicality, and maintenance.

+1. Porsche's maintenance so far hasn't been bad. The cayman, so far, has been much more reliable that the e92 was. Parts for the cayman are leaps and bounds more expensive though. I remember the first time I bought new brake pads and I got sticker shock haha. As for working on the cayman, you're also right. I've done all my own work on the car in terms of mods and it is definitely a much harder car to work on than the bmw. If you are looking for a car to modify, the aren't anywhere as many options out there either. I do DD my cayman. It is loud, very stiff (my father hates it), and long drives can be a pain compared to my old e92. However, the amenities and comforts you gave up from a bmw are made up by the enjoyment you have driving the car. If you're looking for a driver's car, the cayman is a better choice.
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