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Great stuff guys! exactly what i was looking for.

Im hugely interested in Medicine, i would have gone straight into pre med out of HS but i didnt have the drive, want, and most importantly discipline at the time. After graduating i realized that i needed to turn my interest in medicine into a career to better enjoy my life (in my free time i was coming up with medical device ideas etc.). After college i was being groomed to be the CEO of my family's business, i realized it wasn't something i wanted to do. Many situations played into my decision to go the medicine route culminating in (long story short) me helping a woman who was having a stroke while driving.

I still have two years, including this one, just in pre reqs so i still have time. I know i need to cultivate as much information as i can as early as i can to succeed in this highly competitive field. Thats what this thread is about.