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Originally Posted by WSYF10M5 View Post
Thank you!

So basically Mdrive does what DDC (EDC) does... but with on 1 configuration. Glad to hear this cause I can preset “M” with aggressive throttle, “firm” suspension, and gearing when needed.

What is the benefit for people to option DDC (EDC) if they are equipped with Mdrive already? Hmm… perhaps an extra button beside the shifter?
M Drive gives you the option to call up configuration settings using the M button on the steering wheel but it doesn't provide those functions if they are not installed. So if you do not have the Competition package or the stand alone EDC option, M Drive won't change the damper (shock) settings as the shocks themselves are not active (and you won't have the EDC button on the center console).

With M Drive, using the M button on the steering wheel, you can call up 1 configuration of the following:
  • Drivelogic mode (D1-5, S1-6 if you have DCT)
  • EDC mode (comfort, normal, sport IF you have EDC or Comp package)
  • DSC (off, on, MDM)
  • Power (normal, sport, sport plus)
  • Servotronic (normal, sport)
  • Shift lights (on, off)

EDC stand alone option provides dynamic comfort and normal modes plus a static sport mode. Sport mode with the Comp package is also dynamic which might be why they call it DDC not EDC.