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Originally Posted by mjposner View Post
Well things get weirder. Got an e-mail yesterday from Geico saying that my vehicle was a total loss, and they sent a vehicle value report. It was an appraisal comparing my car to similar models and a value of about $46k. Appraisal looked fine to me except it showed a 6 speed when I have dct, and did not appear to include EDC, HD Radio, Carbon Leather, Individual Audio or BMW Assist (about $7,600 in options).

When I called the adjuster, he said to ignore the e-mail, they make their own decision and he seemed annoyed about the e-mail. I also told him about the options that were not listed, he asked for the window sticker, which I don't have. I did send him a printout from this website:

I am debating whether to go cheap now and wait on the new M3 (either a 135i, 335i or G37s 08-09), or buy an M3 (08-09) or an Audi S5.

Maybe this saga will end sometime next week....
their value has to be based on the applicable options; maybe the email was pretty much just generic as I'm sure there was massive amounts of total losses from the past storm. That being said their ACV should be within the average of NADA, Kelly and Red Book values. Make sure they are accounting for all available options including the 19s and DCT, nav etc as these will increase the value. I know it sucks but be patient as they are working through the claims process.