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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Very helpful info--thanks. I do like to try different lines at times to see if they are faster, or just to practice for those occasions when you might find yourself taking a late point-by and having to enter a turn off-line. I want to know how to handle those situations, even if they're infrequent. This club racer I had ride with me a couple of months ago (runs an E36 M3, but I don't recall his name) was adamant about not taking the school line through T5, but based on your comments here and this experience, I think I'll follow your line. Do you instruct for NASA or SCDA? I'd like you to ride with me.
Well, in general, when entering a corner leading to a long straight, using all of the available track to set yourself up for the turn-in is just common sense (unless you are trying to block someone). Whatever turning you don't do before the apex, you'll have to do after the apex (and in your case, you didn't have enough track after the apex to do that), so I have no idea what the other guy was referencing. If you are not using all the track into or out of that turn and still make it, then I'd say you are not carrying the maximum amount of speed you could through it. Learning to drive off-line is always good for other reasons though as you pointed out. Yes, I instruct for NASA, but I am not around much this year due to travel/work. I think I've seen your car around a few times. I'll say hi next time I see you. Best.

P.S. Actually, as bigjae1976 suggested, there is something not so right about the turn before that one. You seem to have over-braked into that one and came out too slow and did not really use the track there as a consequence coming out. That might have affected your car placement going into the uphill turn.

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