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That cayman's price for a 2.9 car s very high. I have both a 335i and a cayman and they are completely different cars. If you're looking for a comfortable car with amenities, and power, go with the 335i. The power is no comparison. However, while the cayman is down on power, it makes up for it in driving finesse and the fun factor. It is easily one of the most fun cars i've ever driven, but it is definitely not as comfortable as a 335i. Look into some CPO cars if that is an option. I got my 2008 cayman (2.7) for 25K miles CPO for 32K. That specific car shown has PDK and Bose so that may be the added cost, but that's an even higher price that most used Cayman S's I see floating around. Check out You might find a better deal.

I was choosing between a Z4MC and a Cayman a couple years back and decided against the Cayman. Primary reason was being at the mercy of porsche for maintenance. Most BMWs or at least the Z4MC I can DIY most things... Cayman.. ugh probably not so much for the weekend warrior type DIYer. We have/built a couple older porsche project cars.. including a mid-engine 914 with a 911 engine... As a 'daily driver' type car the Cayman seems like a bad proposition - though people do it.

Someone folks just like getting pcars for the sake of saying they have a pcar. That's cool but don't fool yourself into thinking it's going to be like a 335i in terms of comfort, practicality, and maintenance.

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