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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
Should have the same. Comfort, Sport and Sport+. The "M" button can only be programmed for 1 configuration at a time so you cant have multiple set ups pre stored. For the suspension setting, you can just toggle the button on the console easy enough anyways. The power button is also right there if you want to play with the throttle response setting too. The M button, just has the benefit of preselecting the suspension, throttle as well as activating MDM with the push of the button. Been a while since I drove the M5, but I think it works pretty much the same way.

Mdrive does not include DDC (EDC) on its own. Comes with the Comp Pack or as a stand alone option. On my last M, I had MDrive but no EDC.

Hope that helps

Thank you!

So basically Mdrive does what DDC (EDC) does... but with on 1 configuration. Glad to hear this cause I can preset “M” with aggressive throttle, “firm” suspension, and gearing when needed.

What is the benefit for people to option DDC (EDC) if they are equipped with Mdrive already? Hmm… perhaps an extra button beside the shifter?