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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
IWhen you say using more of the track on entry, do you mean setting up for the turn by driving far over to the left side of the track on approach under braking, then turning sharp to the right and accelerating over the hill in a straight line, just clipping the inside curbing at the crest of the hill? That's the classic HPDE/school line taught at Lightning, because it's the safest. I was trying a tighter line through the corner this time, hugging the inside more, doing what a club racer had shown me as a more defensive/racing line. He's probably done it 1000 more times than I have, though.
Not sure why you are trying defensive lines through that turn in an HPDE, or why the racer mentioned that approach for you to try. It doesn't do anything for you because that is not the faster way through that corner. The HPDE line you describe is more or less the fast line. I put many qualification laps in at that track (~1:15s in a ~2500lb/220whp E30 M3), and that is pretty much how I drive it with the exception of trail braking hard to rotate the car before the uphill.

Trying defensive lines can help you explore stuff I guess, but then you need to take it down a notch or you will run out of room like you did. That is a hard turn to pass people in a race in general although I've done it a few times. The main issues there are that usually there is a lot of crap that gets kicked onto the track downhill, and if you take an outer line down the hill, grip can be unpredictable and combine that with the off-camber "feel" of the drop, you can get in trouble. I've put two wheels off coming down several times, but the only time I spun there was due to my stupidity of trying a bit too much in my X-E92 M3 on old formula and cold BFGs on a damp track. I ran out of skill really fast on that one and ended up a few meters from the wall you drove past.