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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
never paid MSRP, much less MSRP + markup, for any car in my life. not about to start.

that said, i am super intrigued by the Shelby. i'm fine with waiting out the initial rush and then if i'm still interested, i'll see if people are ready to deal
+1 on paying for a car. I recently went to several Ford dealers to inquire about the Boss 302. All of them said "limited allocation. MSRP + $10k". It is a really nice car but with that type of adder, IMO, it really closes the pricing gap as compared to an M3.

Thinking long-term, I suspect the Boss 302 or Shelby will be worth a lot more 25 years from now (vs. the M3). Therefore perhaps it is a better investment. But I would rather buy something to enjoy today vs. keep for value.