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Exhaust Question - Louder on Low End / Cruising

I just got an E93 (traded up from an E46 M3 Convertible) and I'm finding the car too quiet under 3k RPMs. I definitely don't want anything too loud - if I spend any money on this type of mod it will strictly be for the purpose of hearing more of the exhaust when my roof is up at cruising speeds or low end driving. The car sounds GREAT with the roof down but I obviously drive it with the roof up as well. I'm not looking to increase performance - just spend a little $$ to make the car a little more involving at the low end. And I'm not looking to attract any attention - this is strictly for my own driving pleasure

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for something that would increase the lower RPM sound without being very loud in general? I have read a lot of very positive reviews of the M Performance Exhaust but it's not clear that it will be much louder than the stock exhaust at the low end?

Also, it's worth noting that my hope is to spend $4k or less (as little $$ as possible!), both due to budget and because my car is leased. I like the idea that I can hand the keys back with the M Performance Exhaust on but I know it's expensive. I don't know much about exhausts but I am guessing my best bet is to do a catback in case it needs to be swaped back with the original exhaust when I hand the keys back?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help - I really appreciate it,