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3 series-steering wheel vibration-must read!

Hello everyone,

On August 2, 2012 I bought a 2012 328i sedan.Two days later the car was ion the dealership for a vibration on the steering wheel between the speed of 40-60mph.They allegedly fixed it by balancing the tires. The next day and on my way to Miami,again the same problem. I called them and made an appointment for the same issue. So I took it back for service and I received the following statement and I quote: " ..found that tires are in balance.Test drove 2 other cars, found that the vibration is similar in other vehicles. The repair for this issue is being developed by BMW at that time..". Off the record,I was told that BMW is aware of the problem since April 2012 and are working on a fix!!!! When I asked if the car is safe even though it vibrates they did not give me a clear answer.

So in other words,all of us who bought these vehicles after April 2012,bought vehicles with a known problem. When I took it to the dealership a third time,they refused to service the car by stating that there is nothing they can do until BMW engineers come up with a solution.
So the question is:

Why do we have to drive these cars with the known-problem of the vibration in the steering wheel until BMW comes up with a solution? What if it take BMW months or years to come up with the solution to the problem?

I am pushing for repurchase of the car and they are trying to work with me although they hope that I will quit.

So all of you who have had similar issues, now you know what's up and you should also address it with BMW.