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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
The bolded part really doesn't make sense.

You don't HAVE to shift below those RPM's at all if you don't want to on this car. I don't know what you're trying to say. Of course during break in they recommend you don't rev the engine too high, but once that's over you can let it rip.

I see your point but you have to be realistic. If you're driving on city streets in 30 MPH zones and/or in traffic then you just can't ALWAYS shift past 4,500. My point here is that you need to get over 2,500 to start to feel the power and the E46 seems like it has more low-end power (ie. up to 2,500), which might be more fun/suitable for those types of driving conditions. That being said, there is absolutely NO doubt that the E93 is in a WHOLE different category (ie. much better power!) once you're beyond 2,500. It's like day and night after that point... The problem is that there are some driving conditions that simply don't allow you to get to the 2,500 range where the E93 engine really wants you to be...