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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Key word is incompatibility.

There is no solution. As much as some people here want to be the "more civilized culture" and deal with things "on our level" and not stoop down to their level, that shit is never going to work. They don't understand apologies as a sign of a progressed culture, they see it as a weakness. They don't care if we're aiding the poor and weak, they only see us as Infidels.

Of course that doesn't apply to all Muslims, I'm speaking only of the ever-present extremist one, who lately seem to be really commonplace and their reactions incredibly severe.

We don't need to be going into the Middle East, with its thousands of years of backwards (to us) culture, and doing things halfway. Either leave them alone (to include aid), or go in there and don't be afraid to get down on their level.
Yup... what he said...

You can't reason someone out of a position that they didnt reason themselves into. Trying to explain that the western definition of freedom of speech means you CAN in fact insult religious figures would be a colossal waste of time. Might as well try and explain multivariable differential calculus to my cat.

Trying not to appear disrespectful is futile. I'm sure as these savages were plugging this ambassador full of lead (the same guy who is trying to improve their lot in life with billions of US aid), that appearing respectful to western sensibilities was the last thing on their mind.

Cut them off. The only good thing there we need is oil, and there are lots of other unexploited sources of that in the arctic and places.