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Originally Posted by K-M3 View Post
heyy mann!!! just went through the thread......sooo sorry dude!!!! it sucks..

as far as the time frame goes, my experience with geico wasnt that great with my other car... it needed a new engine and it took geico forever to find the replacement (and this on a toyota!!!!) they kept sending busted motors and refused to cover a factory refurbished motor... the reason was...since my original engine was 51K old, they would only cover an equivalent mileage engine...after 3 attempts at letting them handle this and getting frustrated at 3 consecutive busted motors that they sent, I finally asked the dealer to put in a factory refurbished motor that the dealer sourced and coughed up the difference!!!!! total down time from the time of accident to me getting the car back was about 9 weeks......

yours is a different case and I hope it gets sorted out for you in a decent manner.

and btw, moved over to liberty mutual for my M3 with their BMW performance insurance option, which I understand allows for new replacement parts in case of an accident, plus had much better rates than geico and most other providers........
Depends on how long you have been with a company and what discounts you have. I found Liberty Mutual through the roof in terms of full coverage with rental car.

Geico I have had since 1990. That being said for 2 BMWs and current M3 and current X5 I pay $100 a month for full coverage with rental coverage. Thats dirt cheap and Liberty couldn't come near that.

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