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Sister buying P-car within the week, could use advice!

Hey guys, we've always been fans of p-cars and love the cayman body and all that goes behind it. My sister got interested in the cayman while I was car hunting and is ready to pull the trigger and get a non-s cayman.

She found this at our local dealer,

and unfortunately I'm out of town and will not be able to inspect the car myself, but when she went to check it out they said the previous owner had put something in the excess of 9K into it which I feel is bull. I know that they told her the nav is OEM, but was installed after the car had been built, and supposedly there is a concealed radar unit (possibly V1) and a clear bra on the car.

I'm not too familiar with the cayman and have no idea if it is loaded or what, but they said the sticker was 62K.

Does this seem to be a fair deal? How much would you pay for it.
Honestly I feel like the cayman's prices have held up for the past two years as far as I can tell, they seemed cheaper last year.

Appreciate the input

On a side note, what car would you guys buy for 50K?
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