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Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post
In PA, where I live, it's a 60 day license suspension, 5-points and a $250 fine.
I think it should be more!
The ending was pretty sweet
Yeah definitely. One time on my way to work here (in IL), a school bus stopped on a four lane road and the dude behind (in an Escalade no less) just went ahead and pulled around and sped by with his foot on the floor.... I was stopped in the other direction. Pretty shitty if you ask me, the kids crossing the road were startled to say the least. Greatest part: The purple minivan directly behind the bus all of a sudden sprouted these really cool red and blue lights along with a siren. It was fucking great. Owned by a freaking minivan. I know the penalties here are somewhat severe compared to minor traffic violations, but I do think they should include mandatory incarceration.