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Center of Gravity

There is always just a hint of hesitation when the concept of altering body or framework is on the table. By this point in time, IND has performed a great many such operations, especially with respect to roof panel replacement. The list of models we have installed carbon fiber roof panels on is quite extensive, including the E46 M3, E90 M3, 1M, and of course our ongoing F10 M5 project. Regardless of how proficient we may have become over the years, there is never a full desensitization to what is essentially cutting up the very fabric of what BMW painstakingly created only a short time ago. Watching that industrial equipment begin to work away at the carefully designed metal inevitably turns the stoutest heart to consternation, if only for a brief moment.

This was precisely the direction that Colin, a dedicated client of Andrew's, was facing head-on. As a young professional who had put his heart and soul into his work to obtain his dream car, he wanted to put an equal amount of heart and soul into the car itself, and turned once again to IND for the next step. While even the most casual viewer could clearly see that Colin's E92 M3 was far from stock, his desire was to create an even more aggressive presence, all the while continuing the clean design of the M division, even to the point of maintaining a color scheme of white, black, and blue -- similar to BMW's Roundel theme.

Initially the M3 coupe was purchased with the sunroof option, but Colin quickly discovered that not only did this feature receive little use, he longed for the lighter weight and lower center of gravity a carbon fiber panel afforded. We were only too happy to assist with another industry first, and promptly replaced the heavy existing roof panel with an OEM BMW carbon fiber E92 piece, matching the factory design precisely. Since we as enthusiasts have a difficult time changing only one thing at a time, Colin worked with us to enhance a great many other facets of his M3 as well.
Previously, we had graced this particular coupe with a sinister Eisenmann Black Series exhaust, matching Volk TE37 wheels in black under Hankook RS3 rubber, a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers to provide that purposeful stance, and a handful of minor cosmetic touches. This time, our focus would be providing more depth to the appearance, with the exception of swapping over to a set of Falken RT615K tires in 275/35/18 at the front and a monstrous 305/30/18 at the rear. To accomodate these steamrollers, we had our best bodywork specialist carefully and almost imperceptibly widen the rear fenders, as with a few previous Portfolio Projects.

Even those significant modifications melt into the background when you see the front and rear of Colin's M3. The entire front bumper was replaced with a paint-matched LTBMW piece, dramatically altering the head-on appearance. Completing the new look is a Slek 1M lip painted a contrasting black. Similarly, the rear holds a great deal of unique alteration, as Colin wanted something very different from the usual combinations. Intrigued, we decided to take a modified Arkym upper section, paint it gloss black, and fit the infamous Varis lower diffuser in full carbon fiber to form a truly aggressive rear end. Naturally, the resulting effect is just too eye-catching for only one glance, and quickly you begin to realize what clean and vicious can look like when merged correctly.

Continuing with more contrast to offset the white paint, we added a myriad of gloss black pieces, including front and rear bumper mesh, front grilles, side grills, mirror caps, hood vents, and a carbon fiber BMW performance lip spoiler on the trunk lid. Inside, to complete the BMW Motorsport feel, a Performance steering wheel and BMW competition e-brake handle were installed. While our client was extremely pleased with the new attitude given to his E92 M3, it was no secret to us all that Colin would return again for even more work in the near future. Until then, we here at IND are not only proud to be a part of the very first E92 OEM carbon fiber roof swap, but also of the ongoing evolution Colin has planned.


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