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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
Bren is a great guy and his shop is home of the highest hp naturally aspirated E9X M3's. He has hit over 400whp with multiple cars (provided they have the proper bolt ons), and is currently playing around with E85 on his own personal M3. Give him a shout, I highly recommend him - you will get more power out of his custom tunes than any off the shelf generic tune.

Oh and fwiw, DONT get a vishnu piggyback for this car - better off with a flash.
Have not yet seen any Dynojet SAE results for an M3 tuned by Bren. Would certainly like to see one.

The E85 tune should be great for this high compression motor. Nearest E85 station to me is over an hour, unfortunately.

The Vishnu meth tune works great. Drive my car and you will become a believer. I don't think any pump gas tune will make as much power as can be made with a meth tune. Meth really helps these high compression motors (which is why I think E85 would work great). Race gas is too expensive to burn all the time.