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Originally Posted by Bimmer Nerd View Post
Change your name to "Asianluvdoctor"

I'm no doctor lol

Originally Posted by carve View Post
Wow man- that's harsh. You'd think that about a woman just because she likes sex? Maybe that's not even her normal thing and she's just super turned on by you. Sounds like you have an antiquated puritanical hangup about women who are comfortable with their own sexuality. I used to be the same way, and then realized it was stupid.
There's a difference between liking sex and wanting to do it immediately.

After being in an open relationship with a very sexually open woman who worked in the sex industry (not a porn star lol, but a sex therapist-like job), and getting to know more and more sexually open women, I've realized that it's not my "scene". (you met her Bimmer Nerd lol. She was one of the Asian girls I brought to a CSUN meet WAY WAY back. Way before I had the M3, I think even before my first Z4, I don't remember)
It's all fun and great for dating around, fking, etc etc, but when I look at it for the long term, it's not for me.
Plus, where's the challenge in that?! Getting the girl to sleep with you is half the fun. If there's no chase, no challenge, then what's the point? If all you want is sex, then go with your friend to a swinger's club or a variety of other sex parties; it's easy to get in if you're in decent shape and have a hot female friend (especially one with connections). And go to Asia, they see an "American" who speaks their language fluently and it's game, set and match.

I personally enjoy the goal more if the chase was fun and challenging. I have stopped staying in contact with women who were too easy. it's just not worth the time for me when there's no fun in the chase.

This goes for everything. If I had my M3 handed to me on a silver platter by my parents, I wouldn't enjoy it as much. The fact that I had to work to get "it" makes me enjoy "it" more, whatever "it" may be.
This is the main thing for me.

Anyways.... I blabbered on too much.

Who else ordered the iPhone 5 before it sold out in an hour?