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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Look, the guy sounds like a douche bag. Anyone who goes out and preaches what anyone else should do with their money/life/cars is an arrogant conceited *#&@&*. You get the point. I go on car cruises with my Carrera GT and my buddy's Mach1 mustang and a Boss mustang. I have the most fun I have ever had with those guys.

Do I want a mustang? I considered a GT500. Do I think the Boss and Mach1 should be sold and tell them what to do with their money? Fuck no. I am proud my friends have those cars. I am excited for them they enjoy their mustangs and most of all I am glad for pure gear heads. Ive run into several people and never once told them what to do with their cars. Maybe you should tell the guys to sell his 1m. Theres always something better. I think in general if someone thinks their car is the most amazing car in the world, I usually play into it and just say "that's really cool man!" But you have to really ask yourself why does it bother you so much. Do you think the 1M is better? Or are that many people insecure about what they love. I love my GT-R more than any car I have owned but I have never told someone sell everything to get one.

Its really good you have had seat time in both. I honestly think the 1M and M3 are disposable production cars that years down the road I could never see owning a 20 year old one. I go through cars like toilet paper. Swap with friends for a month, buy, sell, track rentals etc. If you enjoy driving, drive as many cars as you can! Dont get stuck on owning M3's forever cause you are missing out on many other cars, good and bad. I think the most fun I had was a Porsche driving school where I rang out every model in the lineup. I loved the Cayman R. It was 1000x times more usable than my Carrera GT. I still talk highly of it to this day.

Well said, sir...
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