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Originally Posted by PeterM1 View Post
Yeah, same line here. I'm assuming you're in advanced based on your lap times, have a look at your videos, the vast majority of cars don't brake or tap at T4. If you take T2/T3 wide, brake for T3, stick all the way to the right you should have plenty of space to turn hard left and stay on the throttle all the way before you brake for T5 again.

If you do it right, cheerios, fries and spare change will land neatly on the passenger side
One other line...
I tap and take T2 early which swings me wide for the entrance of T3. I apex the last bit of curbing of T3 and as I unwind from T3 I turn in for T4.
If it works right, the only use of brakes is the turn in for T2. If needed you can throttle steer the arc from T2, exiting T3, and into T4.
To me, its one of the best characteristics of Lightning.