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Originally Posted by Wasabi4 View Post
How do you think the BSW upgrade compares to the enhanced premium sound?

I'm leaning toward getting the standard system and doing the BSW upgrade; rather than spending $$$ on the enhanced premium sound system, as most threads here seem to bash it for lack of clarity.
i think this would be a good way to go.i spent less than $500 for the speakers with a discount code,and it already sounds about as good or better than the upgraded factory system (maybe logic 7) i had in a loaner 2012 335i.i haven't heard the eps system in an m3,so i can't speak specifically to the comparison.if they ever come out with the amp i'll probably add it,and then it should sound better than the $1900 eps for less money.

again,it's a good way to go if you want easy installation of a system designed for the car.itwas definitely a worthwhile upgrade for me.

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