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Originally Posted by TurboSpecC View Post
Oops, thought I did. Guess I just mentioned the tire names.

I like the idea of running 4 fronts OE 18s, but new they would cost quite a lot for a winter solution, and would require a lot of searching to find 4 used ones (that might be bent, damaged, etc).
It would probably be quite difficult to find a set of oem 18 fronts. FWIW, I run oem 18s staggered setup with 245/40/18 F and 255/40/18 R. A more narrow tire with square setup is said to be ideal for snow traction and plowing so my setup is very close to square. The only problem is that you can't rotate them.

I can offer a few other suggestions, have you looked at the winter tire stickey? There is some great info complied in there about winter setups. Also, you might consider ARC-8s.

They have a good reputation on these forums for being a good strong wheel. Many on the forums use them at the track. They're light, strong, and reasonably priced, and you can get a square setup. I would look at these before I ran a set of reps. Hope this helps.
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