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Caravan attendees:

Tomorrow is the day. We have been preparing, planning, and getting ready for this day for a year. It is going to be an epic event with tons of great entertainment, cars, and people. This caravan has gotten absolutely huge and it is basically a one man show leading this beast; Me. Although it will be nearly impossible to keep everyone in line, I ask of you, PLEASE be under you best behavior. I will do my best to keep everyone driving maturely and responsibly. Sure, we can have some fun, but remember we are sharing this road with other vehicles and people. Be considerate, responsible, and mature. If anything gets out of hand, I will personally ask you to pull over and remove you from the caravan.

Also keep in mind, State Police, Local PD's are aware of this event. They will be looking for shennanigans. So if you want to start your MPACT experience off with a fat ticket, I suggest you play it cool and just enjoy the cruise down with fellow enthusiasts.

If you have absolutely ANY questions, concerns, or even just want to chat, don't hesitate to come up to me. I will be in the Carbon Black e46 m3 with Silver Apex wheels and I will be wearing a purple shirt... yes I said purple.

See you all bright and and I mean BRIGHT and early.