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Guys & Gals - We all know that after the BI that many things are going to improve. But, having made this same conversion in coupe format, one thing that will not is the steering feel of hydraulic vs. assisted electric. If it makes the OP feel better, even Porsche has bought in to this with the 991 and it seems to be the only consistent complaint those cars receive. Having said that, here are some thoughts/suggestions to the OP that have helped me learn to get over this.

First, enjoy the fact that with diminished feel that a pothole won't pull you towards an interstate median barrier at 80 mph. I almost bought it once in my E46 because of that...there are positives to having electronic assist. What can be a problem is that with the drastically reduced weight to achieve an input that you may tend to oversteer the car on turns. Particularly coming from an E46 which I believe had a greater tendency towards understeer. The steering pull from the car to right itself past the apex is there. I have found that releasing the wheel (with hands hovering) as you give it the beans will help prevent unnecessary oversteer (and the attendent system intervention) when you are trying to get after it a bit. The steering is very have to trust it and learn to love the bomb. May you have many sunny days to listen to that V8 at 8k.